About us

Tag N' Brag Apparel was created by David and Dean Giarrizzo of Team Tag N' Brag to unite hunters and fishermen.  Our apparel was built as a means to motivate, inspire, entertain, but most importantly bring hunters and fishermen together as one.  As outdoorsmen and women we are in a crucial time within this country where our rights are being threatened and the ridicule toward hunters and fishermen across social media is at an all time high.  This is a time when outdoorsmen and women need to come together as one.  We are a powerful voice is we are banded together! 

Tag N' Brag Apparel was formed to help facilitate the oneness within the hunting and fishing industries.  We will have different Tee-Shirts available throughout the year based off of the season we are in, current events going on, or just something we feel is necessary to promote.  We ask YOU, the hunters and fishermen of America to help support this movement of bringing this industry back together as one!  Wear this apparel with pride and stand proud as we hold our ground against the haters.  Hunting and fishing are part of our countries greatest past times and we will not stand to be divided by the ones that do not see the values that hunting and fishing can bring.  Stand tall, stand proud, we are all ONE! 

We would like to invite you to interact with us on our web show, phone app, and all of our social media!  

Our web show, Tag N' Brag.TV is hosted by David and Dean Giarrizzo.  We have weekly episodes that allow our people to follow along with us on a weekly basis and see what happens in the lives of Team Tag N' Brag.  

Follow along on that action here:  www.tagnbrag.tv 

Our brand new phone app just hit the I-Tunes store at the beginning of 2016!  Mount is a social media phone app that is solely for hunters and fishermen.  Make a profile, post pictures, and interact with other likeminded people without the ridicule of mainstream social media.  We don't care if you have a trophy picture, a selfie from the tree stand, and a sunset on the water... we want to see all your hunting and fishing pictures!  

Download Mount for FREE right here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/mount-hunt-it.-fish-it.-live/id1030991262?ls=1&mt=8


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